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Loptop Stand

The Z-type design laptop stand is adjustable in height and angle with double hinges, you can elevate the laptop screen height from 3.16 to 10.6 inch to meets eye level for better posture.
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    Q: Are these goggles mirrored?
    A: Yes, these goggles are colorful mirrored. It can block UV rays when you swim outdoors.
    Q: How good are these for people with short-sightedness?
    A: These aren‘t prescription goggles. Not recommend for people with over 100 degree myopia eyes.
    Q: I would like to purchase these for my nieces and nephew around 9-13 years old. Will this adjust to fit them?
    A: We have many customer reviews saying that these goggles work well for their kids. But it really depends on how
         big the kids‘ heads are.
    Q: Does it come with multiple nose pieces?
    A: No the nose piece of these goggles is not adjustable. So there is only one nose piece.
    Q: How good is the anti-leak feature?
    A: These goggles are very good at keeping water out. The soft silicone eye sockets are water-seal yet won‘t cause too
         much pressure to leave raccoon marks.
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