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How to use UV flashlight?

Many people wonder why pet urine glows under UV light flashlight? Because pet urine contains phosphorus and protein (mainly phosphorus), these minerals and elements will fluoresce under UV black light, thereby detecting dry pet urine that is invisible to the naked eye.

If you don‘t know this principle, and use a UV flashlight, it can be difficult to successfully locate the stain you are searching for.

Why make sure the surface is completely dry?
Because black light UV light flashlight is only effective for detecting dry pet urine. Fresh pet urine, pet urine that is not completely dry, air humidity or superabsorbent materials may cause the light emitted by the purple flashlight to be very weak or not glow. For the most obvious fluorescence from UV light flashlight, allow the pet urine to dry completely before attempting to locate the stain with UV light flashlight. Only in this way can the UV flashlight be used to the extreme.